All Applications will attract a one-off non-refundable submission fee of US$25.00 (PayPal)

  • Successful Applicants who are short-listed may be asked to provide additional documentation or Business Plans, Budgets, etc.
  • Decisions by the judging panel will be final
  • Completed Applications (including proof of payment of Application Fee) to be emailed to


Successful Applicants will receive an all expenses* paid trip to Australia, where they will be invited to pitch their business ideas to a group of Bankers, VCs, Angel Investors and successful entrepreneurs, who may offer aid in the form of equity investment, management services, business networking and mentoring.

*Flights, transfers, and accommodation



  • Must qualify as a -Start-up’ under the Indian government regulations (if unsure go to
  • Business must be either founded (or co-founded) by women or have a significant ownership by women (33.3%+ shareholding) or have a women-centric staff ratio 51%+ OR Concept must be of significant benefit to women.
  • Founder or representative (senior manager) must speak English
  • Business must have already received some seed funding
  • Concept must have a unique selling or value proposition, solve a vital problem, and excite interest in the judging panel.
  • Concept must be globally-scalable, and have some existing traction (sales, partners, or customers) or a ‘proof of concept’ (MVP)
  • Candidates must impress judges with their vision, determination and understanding of their chosen industry
  • Concept must be defensible (own Intellectual Property or trademarks/patents pending) or have high barriers to entry
  • Shortlisted Applicants will be asked to submit further business plans
  • Applicants will be responsible for obtaining their own insurance, passports & visas