Terms & Conditions For Applicants

  1. The terms set out herein are between The Management of The Virangana Project (the Project) AND anyone applying to participate in the Project's Start-Up program (the Applicant) herein (the Parties).

  2. Signature and acknowledgement of these Terms & Conditions form part of the agreement between the Parties for acceptance and participation in The Virangana Project's Start-Up program (The Program).

  3. All Applicants may be asked to pay a US$25.00 Application fee (unless waived by the management team) upon submission of Application to join the program.

  4. Final Applicants may be asked to provide a brief video of themselves and their business which can be shot an iPhone or similar.

  5. Businesses nominated to join the program must meet at least one of the following criteria: Founded or co-founded by a woman / A majority of the staff or management team consist of 50%+ women / 33.3% of the equity shares held in the company are held by a woman (or women) / The CEO/ COO / MD is a woman.

  6. Businesses nominated should meet the criteria of a 'Start-Up' as defined by the guidelines set out by Invest India -www.investindia.gov.in

  7. In the first instance, the person submitting the application shall be known as 'The Applicant'. Participation in the program or representation at any pitching events may be delegated to an appropriate representative of the company (as approved by our Advisory Panel). Any nominee or representative of the company must sign and agree to the same Terms & Conditions.

  8. All Applicants agree that they (or the business they are nominating) hold the legal rights to any brand names, licenses, ideas, software code, or intellectual property (I.P.) that forms the basis of their application to the program.

  9. All Applicants must acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the Program's Terms & Conditions.

  10. All applications become the property of Virangana Woman Pty Ltd (Virangana Woman)

  11. All final Applicants (or their nominees) must have a valid passport that does not expire before 31/03/2020 or at least 6 months from time of travel.

  12. All Applicants agree (that to the best of their knowledge) there is no impediment to them being granted a visitor's visa to Australia.

  13. All Applicants must advise (to the best of their knowledge) that there is no physical, legal, or health issue that would prevent them from traveling to Australia.

  14. All Applicants agree to comply with any requests for information during our Due Diligence phase.

  15. All Applicants must confirm that they are authorised to act on behalf of the business they are representing, and that there is no legal impediment to them acting as an officer or representative  of the company ( bankruptcy etc.)

  16. All Applicants agree to have their name and photograph used in promotion of the Project.

  17. All Final Applicants agree to work to the best of their abilities and in good faith with the 'virtual' Mentors assigned to them by The Project.

  18. All Applicants will agree to the positive consideration all suggestions for the improvement of their business plans as made by their assigned Mentors. 

  19. All Applicants agree to attend 'virtual' meetings and conferences, and supply regular updates & reports, as requested by their mentors, in a timely and professional manner.

  20. All Final Applicants agree to make themselves (or an acceptable nominee) available for media conferences, promotional events, or interviews as requested by The Project.

  21. All Applicants agree to comply with The Project's company policies, respect for culture, and standards of behaviour.

  22. Upon successful closing of an investment round - All Applicants agree to pay any (pre-agreed) fees or equity rights to Virangana Woman or its nominees. 

  23. All Applicants acknowledge that a substantial breach of any of these Terms & Conditions may result in them being asked to leave the program, without legal recourse.

  24. Any issue of complaint or disagreement with respect to these Terms & Conditions shall be submitted to, and adjudicated by our independent Advisory Panel. The Advisory Panel's decision on any matter shall be final.

  25. Admission into the Start-Up program does not form an employer/employee relationship, or signify any contractual arrangement between the parties (The Virangana Project AND The Applicant) other than the terms as set out in this agreement. 

  26. Any laws applying to this agreement, shall be governed by the jurisdiction of the state of New South Wales, Australia.