Welcome to The Virangana Project

Shalini Chauhan – Co-Founder & Insipration   The Virangana Project

Shalini Chauhan – Co-Founder & Insipration

The Virangana Project

Hello and welcome to our wonderful Project.

As Co-Founder of The Virangana Project, I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome all entrepreneurs, investors and supporters, and to give you a bit of background about my philosophy and why I became involved.

As a young girl growing up in what today is considered ‘Modern India’, I always dreamed of a world beyond my simple village and the traditional life my parents had planned for me. After many years of studying and learning at an ashram, I realized that the key to life is having independence.

Independence of mind and body. That means being able to have and express your own opinions, and it means being able to go where and when you feel life is taking you. I soon realized that the key to having independence as a woman is to have financial independence. And the key to having financial independence is education combined with opportunity.

As women, we can all take steps to improve our education, whether it is at school, at a university or college (or even an ashram) or by simply reading and talking to people. You can improve your writing skills, learn another language or just study the history of a particular country or time period.

But as a woman in India, access to ‘opportunity’ is not so simple. While many people (including our Prime Minister) are keen to improve the lives of Indian women, we are still being held back by certain historical and cultural issues.

The Virangana Project is primarily about giving Indian women opportunity. The opportunity to show the world that they are motivated, innovative and driven to succeed. It also offers them the opportunity to put their Start-Up ideas in front of international investors who will be judging them on the strength of their business acumen and entrepreneurial sprit – rather than on their gender, race or religion.

If you are a woman who dreams big, and believe you have an idea that will change the world (or just offers a better way of doing things) I heartily urge you to submit an application via our Application Page.

You may be one of the Final 12 Applicants that our judging panel deem to be amongst India’s ‘Most Innovative’ women, and earn yourself a trip to Sydney in October of this year, where, guided by your own personal mentors, you will have the opportunity to pitch for investment capital and other assistance from some of Australia’s most prominent Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and VCs.

I look forward to joining on your journey.

Best Wishes