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From improving the world by helping to empower Indian women as independent entrepreneurs and business owners, there are many benefits to be had by getting involved with the Virangana Project.

These include –

  • A chance to associate your brand with a high-profile cause that is having a direct impact on the lives of millions of women
  • The chance to participate at an early stage, in a booming economy of over 1.2 Billion people
  • Participate in a secure, well managed investment that has the potential to generate a very high multiple of return.
  • An opportunity to further develop your mentoring skills in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Network on a global scale with other like-minded individuals and socially-active corporations
  • Leverage your brand into one of the fastest growing and largest middle-class consumer markets in the world
  • Attend exciting cultural events in your state
  • Your chance to make a real difference in today’s world

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who is Virangana?

Even in today’s modern India, the patterns of women’s lives and their relation to social reality, are significantly shaped by the models of womanly conduct set out in stories, legends and songs preserved from the past. The epic heroine type – the sacrificing, chaste loyal wife, is viewed as representing the ideal for female behaviour.

Hindu mythology also offers another female paradigm – the all-powerful mother goddess. Between these polarities lies an overlooked and yet important alternative role model for Indian womanhood – The Virangana (viran-gana) – the Warrior Woman who manifests the qualities of ‘Virya’ ( heroism) and Shakti (courage).


why support the project?

It is to these modern-day heroines that The Virangana Project is dedicated and has set out to harness their extraordinary abilities and drive, by connecting them with access to 21st Century technology, commercial know-how, and appropriate financial resources, to assist them in realising their dream of acknowledgement, respect and financial independence.