Bridging the gap between the Australian and Indian women’s start-up communities

We connect disruptive female entrepreneurs who are looking to establish themselves in the start-up economy, with mentors, business services, and potential investors in Australia.

Who are we?

At Virangana Project, our goal is to find promising business ideas and start-ups that are either founded, or significantly managed by women. We are looking for businesses that are have global scale, or that will significantly benefit Indian society, and have the potential to address major problems or disrupt existing business models.


Creating cultural exchanges, bi-lateral partnerships and business development between the Australian and Indian Start-Up communities


More than money

A vigorous set of criteria enables us to qualify those who we believe have both an idea that has potential global scale and business merit, coupled with the requisite entrepreneurial and technical skills to execute on that idea and bring it to market.

Entrepreneurs are invited to submit their ideas and business plans via the Virangana website.

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Who was the |Viran-gana|?

The Virangana, Jhalkari Bai, was a mighty woman warrior in Indian history. Born an untouchable in a poor home, she rose to become the General of Queen Laxmi Bai’s women’s army through sheer grit, courage and determination. She was martyred in 1858 while fighting the British Army.