Bridging the gap between the Australian and Indian women’s start-up communities


What Does The Virangana Project do?


We connect innovative female entrepreneurs in India (who are looking to establish themselves in the Start-Up economy) with mentors, business services, and potential investors in Australia.

As a subset to this, and with an eye to encouraging the entrepreneurs of the future, we also provide micro (interest free) loans to the poorest of the poor in rural India, to enable them to gain a foothold in various forms of industry, that will then provide them with the basis to earn a sufficient income to feed themselves and their children, give them a sense of pride, and establish a level of independence, that would normally be beyond their means. Refer to our Sponsors & Partners page for details of our charity partners.


The Virangana Model

  • Entrepreneurs are invited to submit their ideas and business plans via the Virangana website.
  • Twice yearly, through a rigorous selection criterion, the top 12 Most Innovative entries are selected, and then invited to fly to Australia where they will be given the chance to pitch their ideas to a group of interested bankers, investors, venture capitalists and angel investors. All of whom will have the opportunity to invest, take equity or offer business services or mentoring.
  • These pitch events will take place every 6 months, and will be staged in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We will also be staging Boot Camps in both India and Australia to ensure our Final Applicants are ‘pitch perfect’.
  • As a success fee, Virangana Women Pty Ltd will take an equity stake in any successfully funded business (between 1% & 5%).
  • The Virangana Team will then work with you to grow your business via our management expertise and extensive global contacts.
  • Upon a ‘monetisation event’ (trade sale, acquisition or listing) The Project will use its share of any profit to cover staging further events, re-invest in expanding The project, or dispense funds back to causes in India through our charity Partners.