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The Virangana Project Program. Take your business to the next level with our program.

Successful Applicants will receive an all expenses* paid trip to Australia, where they will be invited to pitch their business ideas to a sympathetic group of Bankers, VCs, Angel Investors and successful women entrepreneurs, who may offer aid in the form of equity investment, management services, business networking and mentoring. *Flights, transfers, and accommodation.


 We are looking for businesses that are have global scale, or that will significantly benefit society, and have the potential to address major problems or disrupt existing business models.


Why Virangana Project?

Shortcut to Investment

Pitch at our regular investor only event. Twice yearly, through a rigorous selection criterion, the top entries are selected, and then invited to fly to Australia where they will be given the chance to pitch their ideas to a group of interested Bankers, Investors, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, who will have the opportunity to invest, take equity or offer business services or mentoring.



When one company in Virangana Project does well, the whole community benefits. Because Virangana Project has such a strong track record, early adopters, investors and press are often more willing to take a look at Virangana Project founders, even if they’re first time founders. To maintain the strength of the community as it grows, we developed a set of principles that Virangana Project founders are asked to live by.


Hear the stories


Each year, we choose the best companies to join our mentorship-driven accelerator program, provide hands-on mentorship and on-going access to the Virangana Project Network.