Who is the Virangana?

Even in today’s modern India, the patterns of women’s lives and their relation to social reality, are significantly shaped by the models of womanly conduct set out in stories, legends and songs preserved from the past. The epic heroine type – the sacrificing, chaste loyal wife, is viewed as representing the ideal for female behaviour. Hindu mythology also offers another female paradigm – the all-powerful mother goddess. Between these polarities lies an overlooked and yet important alternative role model for Indian womanhood – The Virangana (viran-gana) – the Warrior Woman who manifests the qualities of ‘virya’ (heroism) and ‘Shakti’ Courage).

It is to these modern-day heroines that The Virangana Project is dedicated, and has set out to harness their extraordinary abilities and drive, by connecting them with access to 21st Century technology, commercial know-how, and appropriate financial resources, to assist them in realising their dream of acknowledgement, respect and financial independence.

Tony McAuslan
Director of Communications