Through our extensive reach throughout many of India’s leading universities, colleges, Start-Up Accelerators, and in partnership with Start-Up India, our program identifies aspiring women entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business, product or service that has the potential to change lives for the better – both within India and on the greater world stage.


A vigorous set of criteria enables us to qualify those who we believe have both an idea that has potential global scale and business merit, coupled with the requisite entrepreneurial and technical skills to execute on that idea and bring it to market.



Through a twice-yearly ‘Entrepreneurs in Waiting’ road show, we draw up a short list of 12 of the Most Innovative prospects, and bring them to Australia, where they are able to pitch their ideas to a group of interested Investors, VCs, Angel Investors, Corporate Sponsors and Business Mentors, who in turn may choose to offer support in the form of equity funding, sponsorship, acquisition or mentoring.


Funding amounts are open and it will be up to you to justify the R.O.I. to an investor. The Project team will negotiate all funding activities on behalf of the Start-Ups featured in the showcase, conduct appropriate due-diligence, and lead any future funding rounds, trade sale, exit or liquidation events. 



Through our Mentorship Program (and in partnership with a number of high-profile Australian women entrepreneurs) The Virangana Project will continue to mentor and guide the entrepreneurs and their staff as they work to grow the business. Such assistance will include (but not be limited to) Finance & Budgeting, Marketing & Communications, Staff & Training, Sales, Growth, and Acquisitions. In addition, the entrepreneurs will be provided with direct and regular one-on-one contact for consultation with our CEO, Ms. Shalini Chouhan LLM, who has extensive knowledge of government relations, the law and women’s rights and cultural issues in India.


Ultimately, it is The Project’s aim to not only provide women in India with a platform upon which they can gain recognition and financial independence, but to also encourage them to dedicate a portion of their time mentoring other women within their region, in order to leave an ongoing legacy of assistance and empowerment.


Above all else, we are looking for Innovation and ideas that contribute to India, women’s issues and better relations between the Australian and Indian women’s Start-Up communities. Throughout the year we will be awarding special Virangana Project ‘Shakti’ Awards for women who embody those goals.